GIZEH: new twin chamber cup for Müller

Date 04.04.2017 | Category: News
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GIZEH has developed a new twin chamber cup for the market launch of a new yoghurt dessert line from Müller.


The cup combines Müller yoghurt with chocolate, biscuit or caramel chips of Milka, Oreo and Daim and is offered in four varieties and it's eye-catching and high-quality impression was the top priority in its development.


As a specialist in technically demanding rigid plastic packaging GIZEH has extensive experience and expertise particularly in the development of twin chamber cups. This is already the ninth twin chamber cup in total in the product range. GIZEH uses all standard production methods for this, i.e. both injection moulding in conjunction with in-mould labelling and thermoforming in polypropylene and polystyrene with analogue and digital labelling and direct printing. The cups themselves can be either coloured, multi-coloured or transparent. An extensive range is possible from square to round to unusual shapes.


The new Müller yoghurt dessert in the GIZEH twin chamber cup has been available since February in the refrigerated section in supermarkets in the combinations of Milka chocolate drops & yoghurt, Milka chocolate drops & vanilla yoghurt, Oreo biscuit chips & yoghurt and Daim & Yoghurt.


Source: Gizeh
Author: COX
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