GDT publishes annual report

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Global Dairy Trade will publish the 2019 annual report on Monday. During the year, GDT Events achieved a milestone of exceeding US$25 billion since inception in total cumulative traded value to buyers from over 80 countries.

The GDT Events Oversight Board adopted rule changes to enable sellers to better protect their commercially sensitive data and to shift Global Dairy Trade’s focus toward regional average prices rather than individual seller winning prices.  In making this change, we encourage more sellers to join the platform, increase liquidity and provide greater value to all participants.

GDT Marketplace which is a 27/4 online platform for buying and selling any dairy products in any quantity, now has over 500 registered buyers and has offered more than 80 product specifications across 30 product groups.

Market determined average prices by region was added to GDT Insight, enabling subscribers to analyse regional price trends as they change over time.


The annual report also includes a comprehensive range of GDT statistics and historical GDT Events data, including:

•             Quantity sold, and prices achieved

•             Supply and demand analysis

•             Bidder concentration analysis

•             Regional comparison.


The GDT report is available via this link.

Source: GDT
Author: Sossna
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