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Date 03.19.2020 | Category: News
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EDA neu berechnet

In preparation for the meeting of the Council of Agricultural Ministers next Monday, EDA proposes to take the following points into consideration:


To be able to continue to guarantee the full and vital operationability of the milk and dairy sector in these crisis times, EDA asks the European Commission to:


  1. insist at Member States’ level to allow frictionless milk collection and milk & dairy distribution operations across the Union and across borders
  2. activate the private storage aid scheme according to part II of Regulation (EU) 1308/2013 for butter, skimmed milk powder and cheeses (all types of cheeses).
  3. establish a scheme to allow a priority-based access to container and freight capacities for the products categorized as “essential”, like milk & dairy products.


In addition, EDA asks to consider already today additional emergency measures in coordination between the European Commission and the Member States as well as within the dairy sector that will become crucial whenever covid19 will force us to close down processing capacities of (regional) systemic importance:


  1. set up a milk producer emergency scheme for the disposal of milk in case milk cannot be collected due to a lack of collection or processing capacities as a COVID19 consequence,
  2. set up of an emergency scheme for dairy processors for alternative uses of milk in case of continued milk collection, but a closing down of processing capacities of (regional) systemic importance as a COVID19 consequence.  



Source: EDA
Author: Sossna
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