FrieslandCampina strenghtens U-S. cheese business

Date 12.26.2018 | Category: News
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FrieslandCampina has just made two acqusitions in the U.S. cheese market. IDM asked Gert Jan Poort, President of FrieslandCampina Dairy U.S. about the reasons for that double coup.


IDM: FrieslandCampina seems to be especially interested in the US cheese market. How much cheese does the company sell there and how much do you expect in 5 years from now?

Poort: FrieslandCampina has been selling cheese in the US for over 50 years. Through this forward integration in combination with FrieslandCampina’s local cheese imports business we are able to create a solid platform to accelerate growth of a wide branded specialty cheese proposition in the United States.

IDM: Will Jana Foods and Best Cheese run as separate companies and will they keep their names or will it all become FrieslandCampina? How much ist he combined business of both companies in USD?

Poort: The Best Cheese acquisition together with Jana Foods and the existing US cheese business of FrieslandCampina will be integrated to one sales entity and  will operate under FrieslandCampina Consumer Dairy US. No details will be disclosed regarding the negotiated transaction.

Source: IDM
Author: Sossna
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