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Fonterra was exhibitor at the past Fi Europe show in Frankfurt. IDM International Dairy Magazine met Thijs Bosch, NZMP Sales Director Europe, Aaron Fanning , Fonterra Senior Research Scientist, and Casey Thomas , Fonterra Dairy Foods Category Director, for a short interview on


IDM: What are the business activities of NZMP in Europe? Sourcing rather than selling of product seems to be the priority. Will that change?

Thijs Bosch: The presence of NZMP in Europe has changed significantly over the last 5 years, driven by our global milk pool strategy. We used to primarily import NZ products into the EU (mainly commodities like butter and cheese). Currently over 50% of our sales is coming from value-add products produced in the EU, both from our flagship factory in Heerenveen (NL) and via our partnerships with Rokiskio, First Milk and Dairy Crest. We have started all of these whey partnerships in the last 5 years and this provides us with a great platform to further grow our EU business. We have a clear focus to grow our EU business with innovative ingredient solutions which will be produced both in the EU and in New Zealand.

The majority of the products that we source in the EU is also sold to our EU customers. We also export a part of our production outside of EU, to key customers in markets like Japan, China and South-East Asia.


IDM: What are the stories behind SureProtein Fast MPC 4868 and SureProtein Flex WPC 515? Are these products, which are highlights of Fonterra’s FiE presence, of any relevance to milk processors?

Thijs Bosch: Regarding the Flex 515 offering, this ingredients key VP is based around it’s “versatility”. It is a functional whey protein that can be applied to a broad range of consumer formats, from yoghurts and bars, right through to chocolate, desserts and baked goods. It is the perfect protein ingredient to formulate a wide variety of products looking to deliver a high whey protein dose, and it is easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes.


Aaron Fanning: With Fast MPC 4868, we’ve created a high-quality protein ingredient that provides muscles with a greater level of essential amino acids within the first two hours of absorption than standard milk protein products. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle tissues so this milk protein concentrate works quickly on muscle repair and recovery.
The break-through ingredient is significant because it moves milk protein concentrate from a ‘slow’ protein to a ‘fast’ protein.
Until now, science has shown that whey protein is best for post workout consumption as it starts the muscle recovery process quickly whereas slow-absorbing casein, the main protein in milk, provides the body with a steady stream of protein over a longer time period.
By providing the body with an optimal source of rapidly digestible milk protein, this new ingredient offers an effective alternative to whey, long regarded as the gold standard for quick delivery of protein after exercise.”


Optimized especially for sports, nutrition, and weight management, Flex WPC515 is the next generation of whey protein concentrate powder. This breakthrough ingredient permits high levels of whey protein in bars, beverages and snacks, delivering superior taste and texture at a lower cost-in use compared to existing dairy ingredients.


IDM: Noble cheddar, also a highlight at FiE, has less fat. Isn’t the time over for low-fat products? At least, that’s what market analysts claim. What and where are the main markets for NZMP’s low-fat cheese?

Casey Thomas: We launched Noble Cheddar to meet the demand of consumers wanting lower fat cheese, without compromising on taste. When we reduce the fat in this cheese, the protein content is increased, providing a great tasting higher protein cheese. Consumers love the delicious savoury flavour, and use it in both shredding and melting applications. Japan and NZ are currently our two key markets, but Noble Cheddar is promoted around the world.


Source: IDM
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