Expansion in Greece

Date 01.03.2019 | Category: News
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Hochland SE, one of Germany's largets cheese makers, acquire a 25% stake in Greek Feta maker „Greek Family Farm“ (legal name: Ktinotrofiki Magnisias - Synergazomenes Ekmetalefseis-Anonymos Eteria SA). Both companies have been cooperating in Feta cheese since 2015 with Hochland sourcing original Greek Feta from the Greek manufacturer. Greek Family Farm also supply goat’s milk cheese to Europe, the US and Australia. Greek Family Farm founded in 2000 intend to make use of Hochland’s marketing and distribution capacities. The remainng 75% of shares remain with the current owners. The deal is subject to competition authorities‘ approval.

Source: Hochland
Author: Sossna
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