Enzymotec launches next generation krill oil product

Date 06.06.2017 | Category: News
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Enzymotec IDM June

Enzymotec, developer of innovative bio-active lipid-based nutritional ingredients and medical foods, today announced the launch of K•REAL® Gold, its next generation krill oil product. K•REAL® Gold is immediately available for purchase and represents the first launch in a line of new krill oil products that are under development.


K•REAL® Gold is highly concentrated in Omega-3 levels. It is rich in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and Astaxanthin, produced using Enzymotec’s proprietary, cutting-edge MSO® 2.0 technology, which creates a high quality “T-free”1,2 and oxidation resistant1,3 product with an additional “low-sodium” offering in the European Union.


Avner Avissara, Vice President of Nutrition at Enzymotec, commented, “The introduction of K•REAL® Gold, using our cutting-edge MSO® 2.0 technology, enables Enzymotec to offer the market a unique product of unprecedented quality" For more visit: enzymotec.com


Source: Enztmotec
Author: COX
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