Emmi strengthens its Latin American business

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Emmi Latin America IDM Sept19

The newly founded company will be the number four in the Chilean dairy market. Emmi subsidiary Kaiku will hold a majority stake of 51.5 %. The acquisition is subject to approval by the local competition authorities.


Strengthening its international presence is a key pillar of Emmi’s strategy. Some of the desired growth is to be achieved in growth markets – such as in Latin America. Through its holding in Mexican company Mexideli and the recent increase in its stake in Brazilian company Laticínios Porto Alegre Indústria e Comércio S.A., the company already has notable positions in these markets.


Emmi is also present in the Chilean market in the form of local company Surlat, through its majority stake in Spain’s Kaiku Group. Agreements have now been signed as of 29 August 2019 to merge Surlat and Quillayes to form the new company Quillayes Surlat. Kaiku will hold a majority stake of 51.5 % in Quillayes Surlat. As a result, Emmi, which holds 73.5 % of the shares in Kaiku, will have a 37.8 % stake in Quillayes Surlat. For more visit emmi.com


Source: Emmi
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