EDA statement on the US-EU trade dispute

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EDA neu berechnet

The European Dairy Asscioation has issued a statement on the ongoing EU-US trade dispute:

Being in the dairy business, we are less acquainted with the Airbus VS. Boeing case, but for this airplane state aid battle, a solution must be found within the aircraft sector. For all we see, WTO pointed out the illegality of U.S. state aid for Boeing as of EU aid for Airbus – as it did before on Canadian state aid for Bombardier. So, indeed, there seems to be something going wrong in the aircraft sector.


“I cannot see any reason to make basically the US cheese aficionados pay for the aircraft battle, since they would have to pay the higher prices for the dairy products from the EU member states involved in the airbus project (France, Germany, Spain and the UK)” explains EDA Secretary General Alexander Anton.

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Source: EDA
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