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EDA neu berechnet

Since more than two weeks now, we call upon the EU Commission to react on today’s COVID-19 induced milk market disturbances in an adequate and proportionate manner and at European level in activating the Private Storage Aid scheme for butter, powder and cheese, as foreseen in the CMO Regulation.       


Today, EDA is sad and, yes, shocked to see that Member States at national or even at regional levels feel obliged to step in and take the necessary actions to protect their national milk markets. EDA President Michel Nalet has today sent an emergency letter to SCA chair Nikša Tkalec & the members of the SCA demanding to activate the EU private storage scheme:

 While important market outlets (export, Horeca, local open-air markets) are muted by COVID-19 and retailers have misused the crisis to push for reduced prices and longer payment delays, we are reaching the seasonal peak of milk production in the Union.  Dairy markets at European and global level have reacted and prices, especially for powdered milk, show a strong downwards trend.


EU Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski has not (yet) answered to EDA's recent letter and the European Dairy Industry really counts on the EU Member States at next Monday’s videoconference of the Special Committee on Agriculture to voice the need for both immediate and European action.

Source: EDA
Author: Sossna
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