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DuPont YO-MIX IDM Apr20

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences today announced the global launch of its DuPont YO-MIX PRIME cultures series. These innovative cultures set a new industry standard for yogurt manufacturers around the world. The versatile new solution helps them to address the multiple challenges they are facing: offering ultimate mildness combined with premium texture, maintaining quality throughout challenging distribution channels, reducing the addition of sugar, saving formulation costs and enhancing process flexibility.


The YO-MIX PRIME yogurt cultures were developed to create ultimate mildness and premium texture for consumers – and provide a new level of indulgence in yogurt. The cultures can help yogurt manufacturers to save formulation costs by reducing the amount of skimmed-milk powder added to boost the yogurt texture, enable them to add less sugar while keeping the same sweetness perception and maintain product quality throughout challenging distribution channels with variations in storage temperature.


The new YO-MIX PRIME series’ advantages include a full pH control that also allows for more process flexibility – due to full control of the acidity before cooling and packaging. This process flexibility provides options for higher production output and less yogurt waste.


Said Morten Boesen, Global Product Line Manager for dairy cultures at DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences: “We understand that yogurt manufacturers have a vision of how their ideal fermented dairy products will turn out, and sometimes the ingredients may hold them back. Our versatile YO-MIX PRIME cultures can help our customers create a yogurt that is mild in taste while providing a great texture and mouth feel – the yogurt of their dreams, if you will.


“These cultures are really paving the way for the industry – meeting textural and taste desires of consumers, while offering opportunity to the manufacturers for lowering formulation costs and improving pH control.”


The new YO-MIX PRIME series includes the PRIME 800 and PRIME 900 cultures designed for versatility – everything from drinkable yogurt to Greek yogurt. For more visit


Source: DuPont
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