Disinfection pof protective gear

Date 04.17.2020 | Category: News
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Filling machine manufacturer VMS has adapted its well proven sterilization method to sterilize respirators and masks as well as protective suits. Using peroxide, the method is safe, efficiant and environment friendly, VMS claims. After the sterilization process in the “MASKPatron” personal protection equipment can be reused.

To developMASKPATRON, VMS used its experience of over 25 years in building aseptic filling machines for the dairy and food industry. 

Throughput of MASKPATRON is upto 50 masks in 30 minutes. The concept offers several advantages over hot ir or UV-C sterilisation:  less heat input, gentle on materials, short sterilization times, due to dry sterilization, there is no  damage on materials by water.H2O2 penetrates the complete textile material, and does not work  only at the surface.

Source: VMS
Author: Sossna
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