DairyAmerica relaunches skimmed milk powder on GDT Events

Date 05.22.2019 | Category: News
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Said DairyAmerica’ CEO Dan Block: “Ongoing change in digital technology, customer needs and international trading arrangements means that DairyAmerica continually reviews its sales strategy to ensure we provide more options to our customers.


We have always viewed GDT as playing a positive role in the international market and now is the right time for DairyAmerica to expand contracting choices with the GDT Events platform.”


Global Dairy Trade Director Eric Hansen welcomed DairyAmerica’s return to GDT Events and commented that “DairyAmerica previously participated during 2011 – 2014, successfully selling large quantities of SMP to a diverse range of buyers.


Compared to when they previously participated on GDT, we can now provide DairyAmerica with more choices over who sees their supply information and how their winning prices are published.


We look forward to working with DairyAmerica once again and providing access to a truly global and diverse pool of active buyers to achieve credible price discovery for their products.” For more visit globaldairytrade.info


Source: GDT
Author: COX
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