DSM brought live co-creation experience to Vitafoods 2017

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DSM - Vitafoods IDM June

On show at its first Vitafoods was DSM’s next generation 3C Technology for omega-3 EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).


The unique, proprietary technology delivers highly-concentrated (up to 85%) and customisable combinations of EPA and DHA for food supplement applications, while also providing peace of mind through a consistent supply chain. Home to an omega-3 hub of expertise for the duration of the event, DSM presented prototypes demonstrating the much smaller capsule size that can be achieved using 3C Technology, as well as discussing recent data on global omega-3 deficiencies, consumer usage and attitudes towards omega-3 supplements.


With 400,000 individuals dying prematurely in the European Union each year due to poor air quality, DSM also presented scientific research on nutritional solutions to mitigate the effects of air pollution as part of the Vitafoods Education Programme. DSM addresses the problem from both inside and outside the body and offers solutions for food supplement and skin care applications.


Beyond its vitamin and omega-3 portfolio, DSM’s new ingredient pipeline was under the spotlight in the innovation hub. Here, visitors were encouraged to join DSM to discover how these ingredients could be used specifically for their target application and brands, as part of its updated Health Benefit Solutions. The ingredients include FruitFlow®, a natural tomato-based concentrate proven to contribute to healthy blood flow; resVida®, the purest and only safety proven form of trans-resveratrol for use in food supplements as an antioxidant; Metafolin®, DSM’s active form of folate; OatWell® oat beta-glucan, a natural bioactive soluble fiber with proven heart health, blood glucose lowering, and gut health benefits; and Tolerase® L, a highly efficacious and safe enzyme that contributes to breaking down lactose used in food supplements. For more visit: dsm.com


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