DMK and Volac split

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DMk mit Rand



DMK Group and Volac end their joint venture in DV Nutrition. The assets of DV Nutrition, which will continue to operate from its Dutch site in Hoogeveen, will become the sole property of DMK Group. DV Nutrition is a joint venture between DOC Kaas (part of the DMK Group) and Volac, which has been producing whey proteins and lactose-based ingredients since 2004.

The complete takeover of DVN by DMK Group is based on the decision that both partners want to develop their business in different directions. The separation of their activities will enable both Volac and DMK Group to develop clear and focused strategies for the future.

As of January 1, 2020, subject to prior approval by competition authorities, DMK will acquire all shares in the joint venture. Within the DMK Group, the business will be located in the "Industry" business unit.

As part of the joint venture, Volac was previously responsible for sales and marketing of all products manufactured by DV Nutrition. Volac will continue to supply its sports and active nutrition customers with DV Nutrition protein products in a transition phase. In the future, the products manufactured by DV Nutrition will be marketed by the DMK Group.

Source: DMK Group
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