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Ingredia 600 A IDM Dec18

In 2018, the dairy products market focused on 3 main trends that could be found on most consumption areas:

• Clean label products, with a shorter ingredients’ list, natural and free from additives.

• Easy-to-eat products, for every moment of the day, thanks to convenient packaging and texture.

• Healthy and natural products, rich in protein, and low fat.

Made from the expertise of our R&D team, PROMILK 600 A has unique emulsifying properties, and an optimal capacity of water binding on the market of milk protein.

Find out how PROMILK 600 A, our functional milk protein, could help you answer the requests of your consumers!

PROMILK 600 A - a unique milk protein:


It can be used in any dairy matrix to bring a creamy sensation in mouth feel to low fat products.


It can also maintain a fluid and creamy texture with a high protein amount for yogurts or bring a firm texture for cheese products.


It can easily answer every concern your consumers have.


It can be used for clean label yogurt, rich in protein and low fat


It can be used to innovate with convenient formats!

Discover all of our formulations with PROMILK® 600 A: clean label in stirred yogurts, drinking yogurts or even Greek-style yogurts.


Reach 6 up to 12% protein for indulgent textures and a healthy nutritional profile. Free from additives, high protein dairy snacks or shelf-stable thermized yogurts, drinking or stirred, in pouches, tubs or pots….


PROMILK 600 A could be developed in an infinite scope of applications and formats in your recipes to get the best functional solution in your innovative products.

A step ahead into the innovation thanks to PROMILK 600 A! For more visit


Source: Ingredia
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