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With its comprehensive range of sensors based on different measuring methods, hygiene specialist Anderson-Negele always offers a measuring instrument for process pressure and level measurement that is precisely tailored to the application. The P41, a new, temperature compensated pressure transmitter, rounds off the product range and now also offers the well-known Anderson-Negele quality and solidity for price-sensitive standard process requirements.


For many standard applications in milk processing, a standard sensor, which precisely measures the pressure and reliably transmits it to the PLC, is perfectly sufficient. A claim to Anderson-Negele quality has in some cases meant a solution with additional functions, such as an integrated display, that were not absolutely necessary at the measuring point. The new P41, an inexpensive, compact, temperature-compensated pressure sensor, now offers the right solution for precisely such cases. Despite its filigree appearance, the P41 is designed to meet high process requirements: Pressure up to 40 bar, overpressure resistant up to 100 bar, vacuum resistant. The measuring range can be individually adapted to the desired process pressures and a choice can be made between absolute and relative measuring cells. Compound measurement is also possible, that means that the relative measuring cell can also be used to measure the vacuum range. The P41 is also robust when it comes to temperatures: up to 125 °C as standard, up to 150 °C / 60 min for CIP/SIP cleaning, and even up to 250 °C permanently with optional cooling section. The entire sensor, including the diaphragm, is made of stainless steel for excellent cleanability and durability.  The P41 is also very variable in terms of process connections and offers, in addition to the hygienic thread "G1" with CLEANadapt, further connections according to DIN 3852 in "G1/2" and "G1", as well as Tri-Clamp and Varivent.




Pressure sensors for level measurement: the right measuring method for every application

The high-precision measurement of pressure in open and closed vessels is also frequently used for the precise determination of the filling level. With a constantly expanding product portfolio, Anderson-Negele has made a name for itself as a complete supplier in this area of application and offers a comprehensive selection of measuring methods and system solutions, now including the P41 for standard applications:

The DAN-HH is extremely robust and durable at process temperatures up to 150 °C. With its compact and solid design made of stainless steel with metal diaphragm, it has proven itself in many applications. In addition, it offers the option of setting the zero point and span (end value adjustment) in the field and at any time by the customer.

The climate-resistant LAR is particularly suitable for humid environments or outdoors. Thanks to its hermetically sealed measuring system, the measuring cell has no contact with the atmosphere, which means that drift problems caused by condensate are excluded from the design - even in difficult environments such as extreme humidity or high ambient temperatures. Even differential pressure measurements are possible by a combination of two temperature compensated LAR sensors. The manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty on this technology.

The L3 ensures high-precision output of pressure, mass or volume thanks to its integrated tank linearization and density compensation, even with rapid temperature changes. Due to its modular design, it can be individually configured, optionally selected as a separate version and retrofitted via remote kit.

The D3 uses two sensor stems for high-precision differential pressure measurement in pressurized tanks. With its parallel output of filling level and head pressure in one device and its integrated tank linearization and density compensation, the D3 sets new standards in measuring accuracy, reaction time, user-friendliness and fast and easy installation - especially in comparison to capillary measuring systems. The modular system makes individual configuration and replacement of sensor components on site easy.


The complete process sensor system from a single source

Anderson-Negele offers a wide range of sensors to make all fluid processing applications more efficient and safer. For temperature, pressure, filling level, limit level, flow rate, conductivity and turbidity, the measuring methods are adapted to the special requirements of the industry. With its innovative products specially developed for hygiene-sensitive areas and its solution- and customer-oriented approach, the name Anderson-Negele has become synonymous with quality and efficiency in food production.

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