Control of antibiotic residues in milk with MilkSafe test and equipment

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Chr Hansen MilkSafe IDM Feb20

The MilkSafe range of high-quality tests and equipment detects the most common dairy antibiotic residues. All tests are validated by an external third-party laboratory (ILVO1) and can be used in all typical test scenarios.


Says Christian Bendix Jensen, Director of Test Kits & Equipment, Chr. Hansen: “The MilkSafe test kit is simple, reliable and easy-to-use. All you need to do is incubate and interpret the results – either visually or by reader. With our complete test solution, we enable routine testing for all commonly used dairy antibiotics.”


MilkSafe equipment and digital services enable antibiotic testing at various locations in the milk value chain:


• At the farm: A Mini Incubator allows the farmer to visually interpret and quickly control for antibiotic residues in milk.

• On the truck: A Portable Reader enables precise testing of antibiotic residues during transportation of the milk. Combined with the MilkSafe App, the test results are stored in a cloud-based data management solution, providing traceable documentation and transparency.

• In the laboratory: A Desktop Reader and a Data Manager (PC software that transfers data from Desktop Reader to PC) enable reader-based interpretation of antibiotics tests.


Providing customers the opportunity to test milk for antibiotic residues at all levels of the milk value chain is also beneficial for keeping the commingled milk uncontaminated. Reducing contamination minimises milk waste, supporting a sustainable, efficient and profitable production process.


Digital documentation for traceability and transparency

Antimicrobial resistance is a focus area for governments globally, creating legislation pressure for reducing use of antibiotics. At the same time, consumers’ growing interest and demand for food safety drive a further need for dairies to build trust and increase transparency. To meet these requirements and demands, Chr. Hansen taps into the opportunities that digitalisation offers.


Concluded Jensen: “Due to the digital integration that comes with the portable reader and app, the MilkSafe test kit range ensures an affordable and systematic approach to rapid antibiotic testing, storing data for full traceability and future documentation. This makes the MilkSafe test kit range a perfect tool to help customers further improve their quality assurance standards.” For more visit


Source: Chr Hansen
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