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Continuously spotting the latest consumer trends influencing the food & beverage industry is a main ingredient that drives the approach toward innovation at AGRANA Fruit. To achieve this, AGRANA Fruit leverages its network of marketeers, sales and product development experts located in more than 20 countries across the globe, as well as its relationships with various external market & consumer insights partners. Based on the identified consumer trends, AGRANA Fruit proactively transforms new ideas into tailor-made solutions for its customers or co-creates the next innovation together with them.


These consumer trends are influenced by major long-term drivers like changing values, environmental pressure, demographic changes, technological impact and economic shifts all centred on current and future consumer needs.


2020 Consumer Megatrends

For 2020 and beyond, AGRANA Fruit has identified a consumer-driven trend framework featuring 6 megatrends and 18 related sub-trends relevant for the food & beverage industries.


One of the six megatrends is named ‘leverage nature’. Within this trend, we look at the broad topics of naturality, using the power of natural functional ingredients and the plant-based movement within food & beverages. With a 68% average annual growth in food & beverage launches with a ‘plant-based’ claim (Source: Innova Market Insights) and 36% of consumers globally being flexitarian, i.e. only rarely eating animal-based products (Source: FMCG Gurus), this is one of the main topics for 2020.


As an answer to these consumer needs, AGRANA Fruit can offer its customers a wide range of natural, clean label and plant-based solutions with added natural functional ingredients like botanicals among others.


The other megatrends identified for 2020 feature topics like sustainability, health, the impact of technology on food & beverage, indulgence, convenience and control. For more visit to download the 2020 AGRANA Fruit trend booklet.


Source: Agrana
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