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SPX Flow valves IDM Nov18

Selecting an SPX FLOW valve manifold package offers benefits that may not be realised using a general fabricator. SPX FLOW’s experience and knowledge in system design, valve technology and how best to apply them means they can help ensure the correct valve configurations are selected for the application in a highly cost-efficient and compact package. Manifold designs cover all aspects helping to bolster reliable and hygienic operation with optimum cleaning including fully drainable configurations and minimal dead legs.


When selecting an SPX FLOW valve manifold, the complete unit design is assured, fully assembled and hydrostatically tested to check for any leaks. Fabrication facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art orbital welders and welding personnel are certified for specific weld types. SPX FLOW’s global presence means it has the experience and capability to meet various weld standards and, if required, a full welding report can be provided showing complete traceability of the number of welds, locations and welder details. Ultimately, having the guarantee of expert valve knowledge to ensure housings are not distorted during the weld process and valves are correctly aligned, reduces the risk of extended installation time or process downtime once the package is installed.


The wide range of SPX FLOW valves come from its APV and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell (WCB) brands. Models include single seat, double seat mix proof, butterfly and an extensive range of process valves for niche applications. Valves can be tailored to exact application needs and, by selecting SPX FLOW valves, customers choose units offering heavy-duty construction and long life, reliable processing and hygienic operation to international standards including EHEDG and 3-A. Valve ranges are flexible and modular with a variety of options to help match the application requirements with customer’s budgets. They are designed for straightforward maintenance and low total cost of ownership throughout their lifetime.


With an SPX FLOW valve manifold, customers are assured that market-leading valves are packaged to offer optimum performance for their specific application, rapid installation, minimized process downtime, easy maintenance and reduced risk of processing errors.

SPX FLOW has state-of-the-art valve manifold engineering facilities located in strategic locations throughout the world including Delavan, Wisconsin USA; Bydgoszcz, Poland, and Xidu, China. Installations are further supported by off-the-shelf common spares holdings and local comprehensive service capability. For more visit


Source: SPX Flow
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