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"€100 million in turnover is our target for 2020, and we have already implemented an important corporate business plan to achieve this ambitious goal,” Annalisa Bellante, HR and Marketing Manager Cama Group explains.

Cama predicts a brilliant end to 2019, with a turnover of nearly €90 million, after a strong investment in human resources (+40% compared to 2017/2018). This was based on a business plan that leverages a new organisational model focused on developing a “sense of ownership” for managers, coupled to an important corporate culture evolution –a transition from the concept of ‘employee’ to that of ‘stakeholder’.

The new Molteno complex is nearly complete. 35,000 square metres of property with more than 25,000 square metres used as production area and offices.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first wing is planned for the summer of this year and coincides with an important opportunity for business growth. This is due to:

  • Investments in Quality Resources, which are oriented towards business objectives;
  • Technical innovation, the result of R&D investments (more than 5% of annual turnover) into Industry 4.0, which includes process virtualisation, engineering, machine commissioning, technological solutions, a new range of ultra-compact wrap-around case packing machines and further innovations in robotics, which we will unveil soon;
  • Evolution of the commercial organisation and a specialisation for the industrial sector, with dedicated resources and two new divisions, DAIRY and PHHC (Personal, Heath and Home Care), which have been added to the historical Confectionery & Bakery, Coffee, Pet Food and Ice cream divisions.

Source: Cama Group
Author: Hoffrichter
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