Brewer cut costs by €20,300 by switching to Mobil Gargoyle Arctic

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ExxonMobil IDM Apr

The brewery was experiencing heightened operating temperatures in all 11 of its refrigeration compressors, which was contributing to elevated oil consumption. It asked local ExxonMobil distributor, Makyağsan Engineering Services, for assistance in selecting a lubricant that would help overcome these problems.


The switch to Gargoyle Arctic SHC NH 68 not only decreased oil consumption, it also brought down compressor operating temperatures by 80C, which reduced energy use. Furthermore, the oil’s enhanced operating life extended drain intervals, which cut waste oil disposal.


According to an ExxonMobil spokesman, the refrigeration industry’s switch to natural refrigerants, such as ammonia and CO2, poses specific lubrication challenges. However, upgrading your lubricant selection can offer important economic benefits along with operational ones. ExxonMobil has a range of products that can help optimise compressor operation while also saving operators money.” For more visit


Source: ExxonMobil
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