Branded functional ingredients reign as top 2017 trend in foods & beverages

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Demand for healthier versions of everyday foods and beverages that offer additional health benefits continues to rise, and probiotics have shown to be a preferred solution for manufacturers. These companies are choosing to formulate with branded strains, like GanedenBC30, which are supported by extensive research, formulation assistance, certifications and consumer awareness.


Consumers are increasingly taking a proactive approach to their wellness as compared to a previous reactive approach, causing a rise in demand for functional ingredients as a whole. Ingredients that offer digestive and immune health support—two main concerns for consumers—have seen the most interest, with probiotics at the top of the list for formulation. With a multitude of strains available, manufacturers are sorting through options by choosing science-backed, branded ingredients that offer the support of highly qualified and experienced suppliers. GanedenBC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) leads globally, with more than 900 products currently on shelves—over 350 of which launched in 2017.


GanedenBC30’s shelf-stable characteristics and survivability, extensive research, multiple health benefits and certifications make it an appealing option for fortification. The extensive number of products boasting the strain has built solid consumer awareness, and the ingredient is continuously listed as a trending option in the probiotic space—showing the power and value in branded, functional ingredients.


Said Michael Bush, president and CEO of Ganeden: “Both ingredient suppliers and CPG manufacturers are realising that it takes more than just adding a generic ingredient to win the loyalty and trust of label-savvy shoppers. Many of the foods and beverages that find the most success in the natural products space today are fortified with high-quality, branded ingredients that consumers recognize and trust.”


The success of branded functional ingredients is drawing attention from global companies, such as Kerry. The company recently selected GanedenBC30 to be brought under its umbrella, joining leading immune health ingredient, Wellmune. These branded ingredients strengthen Kerry’s nutrition and general wellness positioning, and build a solid foundation for expansion into the functional ingredient space—a trend that many companies are taking notice of.


“It’s important to understand the trends driving the future of the industry and the solid innovations available within them,” said Bush. “Functional ingredients are and will continue to be a driving factor in the food and beverage space; and utilizing them provides ample formulation opportunities for manufacturers to meet a growing consumer demand—one we anticipate will continue to increase throughout upcoming years.”


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