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Plastic or metal mesh belts from GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG (GKD) make a key contribution to securing efficiency for the industrial belt dryers and coolers. Both custom-designed and precision-manufactured, they impress with a long service life and high productivity.

The key in belt drying is to provide gentle yet economical drying processes as a way of combining reproducibly high product quality with efficient throughput. Strict requirements are placed on woven or spiral dryer belts used for industrial food drying.



GKD TRACKMATIC belts are used particularly often in industrial belt dryers. Produced from highly tempered stainless steels, they impress with their hygienic safety when it comes to contact with foodstuffs. In addition to this, their resistance to aggressive cleaning agents makes them ideal for clean-in-place (CIP) processes. As a special characteristic, GKD produces TRACKMATIC belts with a plastic-coated warp wire. This is food-safety-compliant and simplifies belt cleaning, as significantly less product gets stuck on the smooth surface.


Synthetic belts

Synthetic belts from GKD are an alternative to conventional belt types for the belt dryers used in the food industry. Tailored precisely to the respective system type and process, they guarantee the requisite process reliability for these critical applications. Their small pore size, coupled with their high air permeability, ensures efficient drying and cooling with minimal product loss.

Source: GKD
Author: Sossna
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