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Sacco System

According to the 24th Annual Report "Responsible Care", the voluntary program for the promotion of sustainable development in the chemical industry, presented October the 30th by Federchimica, the Italian chemical industries are among the most virtuous in terms of safety, security and environmental management.

This sectorial trend also includes the activity and policy of Sacco System, the network of four companies (Sacco, CSL, Clerici and Kemikalia), which is the international biotechnological focal point for food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical innovation.

As its mission, Sacco System aims to offer with its products solutions for good nutrition and a better quality of life. Moreover, it has always worked to guarantee its employees a healthy and safe working environment and to reduce the environmental impact of production processes. Now Sacco System declares this commitment as a true operating mode, making sustainability an integral part of the company's strategies and choices.

The new page dedicated to sustainability and corporate social responsibility is inaugurated now on its website , which describes how, with its business, its experience and innovation in the field of biotechnology, Sacco System can give an effective contribution to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Therefore, Sacco System starts an ambitious process of continuous integrated improvement, which will put beside the economic growth, planned for the coming years, the reduction of the impact on natural and human resources, thus generating an added value to be shared with people and environment and encouraging innovation and competitiveness.

Source: Sacco System
Author: Hoffrichter
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