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Aurivo, Ireland’s second largest liquid milk processor, has cut carbon dioxide emissions at its Killygordon site by 80%, thanks to a multimillion-euro upgrade that includes new liquid processing systems and state-of-the-art, energy-saving refrigeration & heat pump systems from GEA. The successful project highlights the benefit of the GEA’s unique SEnS (Sustainable Energy Solutions) concept and has been awarded Excellence in Energy Efficiency Design (EXEED) Certification from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.


Liquid milk production is a highly competitive business. The Aurivo site in County Donegal annually produces and packages 120 million liters of whole milk, skimmed and low-fat drinking milks — including organic milk — for a range of brands


Aurivo decided to exploit GEA heat pump technology to reclaim and channel excess heat from the new cooling plant to heat water for the milk pasteurization process. This capability would positively impact energy use and allow Aurivo to reduce fossil fuel-based heating (boiler), and therefore cut carbon emissions.


The new refrigeration plant was built on the site of the old, decommissioned plant. The GEA and Aurivo utilities teams also worked hand-in-hand with GEA Ireland’s dairy liquid processing specialists who installed the new, larger 45,000 l/h capacity pasteurizer, together with separation, homogenization and milk standardization equipment that work seamlessly with the upgraded refrigeration and heat pump solutions.



The overall upgrade has increased Aurivo’s hourly milk processing capacity by 80%, and reduced energy consumption for processing, heating and chilling by about 12%. Operational savings amount to more than €150,000 annually, and CO2 emissions have dropped by more than 181,109.29 kg per year. Importantly, the heat pump technology has dramatically cut Aurivo’s use of fossil fuels for heating the water used for pasteurization.

Source: GEA
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