Another strong year for Palsgaard’s sustainability leadership

Date 06.14.2017 | Category: News
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Palsgaard IDM June

Sustainable emulsifiers manufacturer Palsgaard has released its 2016 CSR report, highlighting its now complete range of RSPO SG-certified emulsifiers and the achievement of CO2-neutrality at Palsgaard Mexico.


The 56-page report, which conforms with GRI G4 standards, divides the company’s sustainability agenda into four main strategic areas:

• corporate governance,

• energy & environment,

• products, and

• employees.


It describes the challenges faced in each area, along with actions taken in 2016, and future plans. The report also highlights Palsgaard’s noteworthy contributions towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in each area including, for example, reducing food waste, creating healthier recipes, and increasing food safety by using vegetable-based emulsifiers to replace petrochemical additives in polymers. For more visit:


Source: Palsgaard
Author: COX
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