Annatto colour certified organic for IFF’s Frutarom division

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Frutarom Annatto IDM Feb19

Annatto seeds and extracts have been used for more than a century in Europe and North America to provide a yellow to reddish color to foods and beverages, thus becoming the second most economically important natural colorant worldwide.


To support the certification, Frutarom registered and trained more than 50 annatto seed farmers in the Quillabamba Valley in Cuzco, Peru and in Codo del Pozuzo in Puerto Inca, Peru. The division also meets all organic regulations while ensuring fair salaries to the growers. Frutarom maintains full traceability on the growing and harvesting processes to provide a pure, organic annatto colour.


Says Yoni Glickman, President, Natural Product Solutions of IFF Frutarom: “Organic colours are an integral part of the established clean label trend, meaning that the colors support our customers’ efforts to satisfy consumer needs. Organic certification has become the standard of the industry, especially as it involves all aspects of growing, harvesting, extracting, and maintaining full traceability of the ingredient, from seed to final product.”


Frutarom has carefully selected agricultural land free of prohibited chemical inputs for its Natural Solutions Products business. The farmers it works with use non-GMO seeds, and do not use synthetic fertilisers, antibiotics, pesticides, or hormones.


Said Ilanit Bar-Zeev, VP, Natural Product Solutions of IFF Frutarom: “It is all about caring and staying loyal to consumers’ expectations for better-for-you products that are also eco-friendly and help us to protect the environment.”


Frutarom works to create natural and organic solutions that are affordable and accessible to the marketplace. “There is a delicate balance in providing natural, organic colour with responsible sourcing, while still keeping it cost effective,” added Bar-Zeev. For more visit


Source: Frutarom
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