Ammerland report on 2018

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Molkerei Ammerland, one of Germany's biggest dairy co-ops, once again performed well in 2018. Sales rose by 3.1 percent (EUR 27.4 million) to EUR 916.8 million. This happened  in a market environment that was characterized by declining average revenues in almost all major product groups in the past fiscal year.

At its two production sites in Wiefelstede-Dringenburg and Oldenburg, Molkerei Ammerland processed 1,805.9m kg of raw material (plus 3.9 percent). Cheese production totaled 145,474 tons (plus 8.3 percent). Powder production increased by 19.7 percent to 53,591 tons. Butter production was 20,939 tons (minus 8.4 per cent) and fresh production 130,848 tons (minus 2.9 per cent). New milk producers have already been recruited to secure the raw material base in the coming years.

Although the milk price fell by 1.9 cents year-on-year to 34.62c/kg (2017: 36.51c/kg), in regional terms this figure was above the average.

Equity rose by EUR 8.8 million to EUR 128.9 million. The net profit for the year amounted to EUR 6.0 million, the balance sheet profit EUR 3.6 million and the equity ratio 42.9 percent.


Source: Molkerei Ammerland
Author: Sossna
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