Agr’s new in-the-blow molder vision inspection system for PET bottles the focus for Pack Expo

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Agr Pack Expo IDM Aug19

The system is uniquely positioned for the quality management of bottles with high percentages of rPET. Designed to work in conjunction with today’s high speed reheat stretch blowmolding equipment, the Pilot Vision+ system offers a modular approach to defect detection that works within the blow molder. The open architecture of this system allows for simultaneous management of up to 6 cameras, in multiple locations.


Some of the features of this system include colour preform cameras for managing colour variations, simple configuration and operation, large-screen user interface and defect categorisation by mold/spindle and defect type. As part of Agr’s Process Pilot family of products, Pilot Vision+ can be combined with Process Pilot for a total bottle management solution, providing the ability to detect random occurring defects as well as manage the process to maintain precise material distribution, even with the lightest and/or most difficult-to-process bottle design.


Agr will also feature the Process Pilot system with Advanced Thin-wall capability. Introduced earlier this year, this tool is ideally suited for facilitating the production of ultralight bottles. It provides the added precision and blowmolder control necessary to produce very light bottles, with consistent quality, in order to ensure proper performance on the production line and throughout the distribution chain.


The Process Pilot system works in conjunction with the blow molder to continuously measure material distribution on every bottle, and proactively manage the blow molder to maintain optimal material distribution. Since the Process Pilot system manages the blow molder based on actual bottle measurement, it is an ideal tool that can be used to overcome many of the issues, outside of the blow molder, that compromise bottle manufacture and filling line productivity such as process and environmental variables, resin quality, increased levels of rPET and preform variability.


Agr technical experts will be available at Pack Expo booth 6538 to discuss these products and the rest of their complete line of process monitoring and quality control equipment for the plastic container industry. For more visit



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