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Uflex IDM Dec17

Talking of only the beverage sector, technology has allowed far more choices for consumers while augmenting the quality of products. From milk to lassi to chaach, the liquid dairy product market has been constantly evolving, increasing the scope for consumers to try something new and enhanced. However dairy being a critically perishable segment, consumers also demand and rightly so, far greater efforts on the part of companies manufacturing these products to ensure absolute suitability for consumption without any consequences for ill-health.


Asepto, the aseptic liquid packaging brand from the house of Uflex is all about giving hygiene that much-needed push to create possibilities that can make liquid dairy beverages travel large logistical distances without the fear of spoilage. Aseptic liquid packaging is capable of retaining freshness for a much longer period than what is achievable through conventional packaging options available in the market.


The Uflex packaging approach addresses the needs of the dairy beverage segment meeting all challenges that restrict its growth. Packaging and particularly Aseptic Packaging given its myriad benefits has become extremely important in today’s dairy industry.


According to an example quoted by a recent research report by FICCI and Tata Strategic Management Group only 1.5 pounds of flexible packaging can deliver around 60 pounds of beverage; compared to three pounds of aluminium or 50 pounds of glass. Thus, flexible packaging enables in shipping more products with less packaging material and also brings down the fuel consumption and the overall transportation cost.


Flexible packaging consumes almost 25% less energy in production compared to other alternatives. It results in lower emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG). Thus when compared to glass or aluminium flexible packaging results in way lighter environmental footprint.


An important fact of packing milk and other dairy beverages and juices in aseptic cartons is the fact that this type of packaging does not require any refrigeration until opened thereby offering an un-fractured shelf life upto 9months depending on the product filled inside. One can well imagine the energy savings that accrue owing to this. Milk packed in aseptic cartons as I mentioned earlier in this article undergoes Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT) processing at the stage of filling thereby obviating the need to further boil it.


Asepto packs from the House of Uflex are functionally enhanced, aesthetically far more superior and potent enough to bring about the much needed element of overall sustainability and responsible buying that is all set to redefine how juices, milk, dairy and distilled beverages are marketed and consumed not only in India but across the globe. For more visit: asepto.com


Source: Uflex
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