APPMA impressed by monoblock filler ALL IN ONE

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The Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) selected the best packaging innovations and products of the year at the AUSPACK conference on 27 March 2019. GEA VIPOLL was awarded twice for the monoblock filler ALL IN ONE: GEA's Australian partner Foodmach had submitted the filler for the competition and received the "Best New Product Award" and the "Best Imported Equipment Award" for the ALL IN ONE, with which cans, glass and PET bottles can be filled.


The APPMA was impressed by how flexibly the ALL IN ONE filler can produce on a small area and how much time it saves when filling and changing formats.


ALL IN ONE at a glance:

- The ALL IN ONE multifunction line fills glass and PET bottles as well as cans in a wide variety of formats.

- The filler is suitable for both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages in hot and cold filling.

- The format and product changeover at the filling block takes less than 20 minutes.

- The rinser is equipped with universal grippers and the filler with electro-pneumatic filling valves.

- Different cappers can be integrated, such as combined capping towers with capping heads for crown corks and can lids, or for metal and plastic screw caps.

- In contrast to conventional systems, the ALL IN ONE's unique lid guide minimises product losses.

- The functions are so smoothly matched to each other that the oxygen absorption during filling is as low as possible.

- The ALL IN ONE can be easily connected to a SCADA system via an HMI touch screen and an interface for data transmission.

Source: GEA
Author: Sossna
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