ADM identifies key trends for growth for European plant-based protein

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Plant-based proteins dominated the food and beverage landscape in 2019 – driving new product introductions and overall industry excitement. As food companies look for ways to keep pace with the rapidly expanding and evolving market, ADM has identified key trends that will drive innovation and growth in the plant-based protein space in 2020, and beyond.


Said Kurt Long, director of Flexitarian Solutions, ADM: “The plant-based food and beverage movement has been gaining momentum over the last 12-months, and this is going to be another breakout year for the category. We expect to see even more new and enhanced protein options hit the shelves in the coming months, and to get an edge in this growing space, manufacturers have to respond quickly with on-trend products. This is an area where ADM is ready and eager to help. We look forward to helping our customers drive advancements in the space through new and innovative products.”

ADM’s OutsideVoice Protein Perception & Awareness Study recently revealed that 44 percent of U.S. consumers now identify as flexitarian. This trend is mirrored in Europe, with research from Mintel showing that 50 percent of UK consumers are cutting their meat intake.


While pleasure and health remain the principal drivers of innovation in the food and beverage sector, ethical and environmental concerns surrounding meat and dairy products are increasingly motivating Europeans to choose meat-free options. These motivations, coupled with expectations for exceptional flavour and product variety, are shaping 2020 trends in the plant-based protein category globally. These trends include:


• Protein Alone is Not Enough

• Nutrition Matters, But Taste Rules

• Meaty Innovations

• Keep it Clean

• Dairy Alternatives Grow

• There’s Even More in Store Brands

• Comfort is King

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Source: ADM
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