A breakthrough in fresh dairy with fresh cheese featuring PROMILK proteins

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Ingredia PROMILK IDM June

Despite fresh cheese existing in several countries under different names like quark, tvorog or Petit Suisse, it has a small market share in the fresh dairy market.


Representing only 7% in volume but 11% in value of the fresh dairy market, fresh cheese has a share of 8-13% in mature markets, when it hardly exists in others areas, according to Euromonitor. This creates an opportunity for producers who want to develop value added dairy products in emerging markets.


Technologists from INGREDIA have combined their expertise of milk proteins and their knowledge of cheese processing to develop an advanced way to produce fresh cheese: the without whey separation technology that avoids whey production during the process. It is a real innovation in the cheese process!


Using this technology with PROMILK® SH 20 and PROMILK® 600 A – unique and innovative milk proteins, allows manufacturers to make an optimal fresh cheese, which meets nutritional and indulgent consumer demands, while increasing yield during processing.


Fresh cheese meets the rising demand of consumers for a healthy diet without any compromise on indulgence. Very nutritional, with protein amounts from 6-10% and less than 5% of fat for some varieties, these dairy products are perfectly suitable for children and adults looking to make their diet healthier.


A sweet flavour with a smooth yet firm texture delights children. In plain or salted varieties, with a wide range of textures, fresh cheese can be served alongside main dishes at breakfast, lunch or dinner. In some Eastern countries, fresh cheese can even be found shaped as a bar that are ideal nutritional snacks.


Looking to develop a fresh cheese? Contact Ingredia at: ingredia-functional.com


Source: Ingredia
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