14 Important practices for dairies in covid-19 environment

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Milk is a daily necessity of every household and has to be provided at the doorsteps of each & everyone and hence you will help your country by keeping your dairy farms and processing plants operational. Being an essential food commodity for each of us, the government has also allowed dairy plants to run their operations normally. All the persons engaged in the dairy business, right from Milk producers, to Milk procurement teams, milk processing teams to the logistics and delivery personnel are doing their best to provide the milk at the doorsteps of millions of countrymen.


First and foremost, we are very thankful and would pray for each and every person involved in the supply chain to be safe. All the dairy processing plants are taking necessary precautions to safeguard their staff and the people from the Corona pandemic and we salute their spirits. One more important message we would like to share is that once the milk is pasteurised all the pathogens including COVID-19 Virus get destroyed and there is no danger of any infection from consumption of milk.


1. Hygiene - Need of the hour is to monitor the health of all the personnel involved in the supply chain. Any person with the slightest of doubt about Corona infection should report it immediately and self-isolate till necessary tests are done and the person is cleared. For the workers, in all working areas, there should be hand wash soap, hand sanitizer available to them in each and every area. The senior management should take care that their staff is well trained and well equipped in taking care of cleanliness and hygienic conditions of the premises. Beside personnel health, care for maintaining hygiene levels at the workplace and cleanliness of all equipment is a must.


2. Social Distancing - All the workers, staff management should maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from each other. If not necessary then no one should go close to each other, should not shake hands. Normally when we work together, we hold each other's hand and enjoy meals together but we will have to leave these habits.


3. Crowded places in Dairies - There is a threat of COVID19 spread in places like reception areas, at milk collection centres, wherever there is a heavy footfall. Such places should be identified and marked as red alert or critical areas. Extra care and monitoring of these potential threat areas to maintain distancing required by making circles or squares at a distance of minimum one meter.


4. Internal meeting - If there is a need for a meeting with someone from outside or from someone in dairy then the place should be well ventilated and should be an open place. All sitting arrangements to maintain mandatory distances of one meter.


5. Disinfection - Regular use of disinfectants of all equipment and especially the equipment used for transporting milk from outside, like cans, tankers should be mandatory and done very regularly in the Dairy Plant. All the packing material, milk crates, transport vehicles and persons involved should be disinfected.


6. Safety Gears - In dairy, all the workers and visitors should come to pass through the hygiene stations at the entry to the plant. All the protective safety gears, like mask, glasses, apron, cap, shoes, gloves, etc should be worn and all body parts should be covered with safety gears. Safety gears should be mandatory to wear for all the persons who are working in the dairy or visiting. Regulate the number of persons and restrict entry.


7. Uniform - The clothes or uniform staff management or workers wear at the dairy should be washed daily so that there is no danger of COVID19 left on the premises.


8. Multitasking - We don't know how long we have to fight with COVID19. It is a possibility that all workers may not be available daily, for that we should train our staff for multitasking. If some of the staff is unable to come and perform the duties then the other worker trained can perform the duties and dairy work does not get affected.


9. Visitor Record - You should note down details of every visitor who is visiting in the dairy if anytime you have come to know that anyone is affected by CORONAVIRUS so that you could identify the person and take precautionary steps. So you should have all the records of visitors, dealers, customers, any other person who is coming inside the dairy premises.


10. Single Entry and Exit - If there are multiple gates at the dairy then all of them should be closed. There should be only one gate for entry and exit so that we can maintain a record of who all came inside and went out.


11. Finding Volunteers - if this pandemic spreads and there is a scarcity of labour to tackle that situation, we should train people who are interested. We can lookout for volunteers from our neighbourhood, employee families, institutes and vocational colleges. They can help us in running the dairy smoothly. Even the retired persons can be called to perform the duties if required.


12. Unity of Dairies - All the people involved in the dairy business should help each other in various practices such as milk collection, processing distribution etc. We should take full use of each other's resources and strength.


13. Inventory and maintenance - We should take note that in a time of need our dairy plant/ processing does not get affected by limited resources or the shortage of spare parts/materials. If your machine needs service for any technical problem you will get service pass for the engineer from the government as our government gives permission for essential services.


14. Leadership - Top management should come forward to rescue this situation with their leadership skills. we should motivate our teams to put hard work and not let this pandemic create a scarcity of milk. I want to give an example of Mr Sodhi, Managing Director of GCMMF, Anand. On behalf of AMUL, Mr Sodhi has assured the countrymen as well as Dairy farmers that all the milk shall be procured, processed and there shall be no scarcity of Milk & Milk Products. We salute the spirit of the Dairy Industry in fighting the pandemic caused by COVID-19. For more visit chadhasales.com


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