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Date 03.12.2020 | Category: News
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SternLife has developed three new fibre-rich prebiotic powder supplements which are ideal for product concepts targeting the gut health trend. The “Heart”, “Slimming” and “Fibre Plus” variants deliver the most important ingredients for a healthy gut by combining soluble and insoluble dietary fibres. They can be used to fortify foods as well as beverages. “Heart” and “Slimming” contain special prebiotic dietary fibres for which health claims can be made, while “Fibre Plus” is a pre- and probiotic, high-fibre pre- and probiotic. Its neutral taste means that “Fibre Plus” can be added to various foods, such as cereals and yogurt, as well as beverages. It contains probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria, which promote healthy gut flora, and its prebiotic dietary fibres supply 26 percent of the recommended daily intake.1 A patented plant extract from Perilla frutescens (Shiso) additionally ensures that the dietary fibres are well-tolerated and thus contribute to good digestion and overall wellbeing.

Source: SternLife
Author: Sossna
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