Dupont Nutrition & Health and Eurofins bring higher level of transparency to probiotic industry through genetic identification more »
Fonterra MUDDY BUNS IDM Jul18

Muddy Buns, Dirty Dirty Bread, or Zang Zang Bao as they’re known in China, are creating a social media frenzy and driving a further craving for butter around the world

more »
EDA Japan IDM Apr18

With less than a year to go until Brexit, many sectors are concerned about what impact the UK leaving the European Union will have; the dairy industry is no exception

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SIG’S ‘Heat&Go’ hot drinks microwaveable carton

News | 07.17.2018
To meet the need to heat RTD beverages, carton solutions expert SIG has developed leading microwaveability solution to aseptic carton packs more »

RSPO reinstates Nestlé’s membership

News | 07.16.2018
The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) today reinstated Nestlé S.A.’s membership following the submission of its time-bound action plan to achieve 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm oil by 2023 more »

Denmark’s organic plan nominated for global award

News | 07.16.2018
Organic Denmark, the organic NGO that played a central role in developing the plan, is seeing a massive interest in Danish experiences with developing both organic policy and the organic market more »

We are proactive, and not afraid of hard work – with focus!

News | 07.16.2018
Emmi motivates its employees to develop their own sustainability projects on a voluntary basis through an annual sustainability competition more »

What plant milk makers don’t want you to know

News | 07.16.2018
NewNutrition Business comments on dairy alternatives ... more »

SPX FLOW Launches its Next Generation Mix Proof Valve Series

News | 07.15.2018
The next generation ‘D4 Series’ is the result of continued development from both APV and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell process technologies more »

GELITA AG joins the Animal Welfare Initiative as a sponsoring member

News | 07.15.2018
By becoming sponsoring members, companies that do not directly sell meat and meat products can help improve animal welfare in livestock farming. more »

DSM to introduce new generation sweetener AVANSYA Reb M at IFT 2018

News | 07.12.2018
AVANSYA is DSM’s new brand for sustainably produced, non-artificial sweeteners that answer to the need for advanced, flexible sugar reduction in a wide range of foods and beverages more »

The largest buttermaking machine in India

News | 07.12.2018
GEA supplied 6,000 kg BUE machine to Creamy Foods ... more »

GDT Mobile App

News | 07.12.2018
Global Dairy Trade has developed an app for IOS and Android ... more »

Everything in one place

News | 07.10.2018
Bosch launches website for cartoning and case packing with user-friendly design and easy navigation more »

GDT Events make rule changes to encourage more supply

News | 07.10.2018
The GDT Events Oversight Board has approved two rule changes to encourage a wider range of sellers to offer dairy ingredients on the auction platform, with the goal to expand the breadth of regional published prices more »

Green eating is driving plant-based innovation

News | 07.10.2018
Growing consumer interest in health, sustainability and ethics is driving plant-derived ingredients and products into high popularity more »

The importance of healthy, prevention orientated eating

News | 07.10.2018
New study shows improved digestive health & strengthened defences in children thanks to chicory root fibres ... more »

New International Standards published to help manufacturers comply

News | 07.10.2018
Amongst the most heavily regulated and tested food products in the world, infant formula, and formulas for special medical purposes, come with rigorously checked nutritional labelling to ensure they are what they say they are more »

Quicke’s goat’s cheese grabs the gongs

News | 07.10.2018
Distinguished Devon-based cheesemaker, Quicke’s scoops yet more silverware for the Home Farm trophy cabinet, including a hat trick of Golds at the Artisan Cheese Awards, five awards at the British Cheese Awards and two awards from Taste of the West more »

Research shows infants consuming NZMP SureStart BifidoB 019 helps protect against infection

News | 07.10.2018
NZMP SureStart, Fonterra’s brand of business to business paediatric ingredients, is well-known for clinical probiotic research since starting a probiotic discovery programme in 1990 more »

Increase by a factor of 2.5

News | 07.10.2018
Tetra Pak achieves 50% renewable electricity consumption in just two years since RE100 commitment ... more »

REV technology for dairy

News | 07.10.2018
EnWave granted the exclusive use of a new drying technology to Arla Foods ... more »

Concord grape is the most affordable superfruit juice

News | 07.08.2018
An analysis of market prices for superfruit juices in relation to their nutritional profile reveals that Concord grape juice offers a sweet-spot combination of affordability and high polyphenol content more »

SternVitamin presents a new reference work

News | 07.08.2018
New book from SternVitamin provides plenty of ideas for impactful micronutrient concepts more »

Food-safe lubricants: Avoiding recalls

News | 07.07.2018
SMB Bearings explains the importance of food safe lubricants in food processing equipment more »

Laïta’s new nutrition division officially launching!

News | 07.06.2018
New B to B division combines existing structures and creating synergies for easier access and enhanced service more »

Supporting sustainable development goals

News | 07.06.2018
Irish Food Board (Bord Bia) joins the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) ... more »

Innopas SX from KHS gives bottlers greater flexibility in the pasteurisation process

News | 07.04.2018
The systems supplier from Dortmund has also optimised spare part management for this flexible machine more »

OECD expects dairy fat consumption to increase

News | 07.04.2018
Consumers’ preferences are influenced by the science on dairy fat and its impact on a healthy diet, the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2018-2027, has noted in its publication which was released today more »

Mittelland Molkerei on the path to carbon neutrality

News | 07.04.2018
Emmi has committed to reducing its global CO2 emissions by 25 % by 2020 and with the connection of Mittelland Molkerei in Suhr to the local district heating network, it is taking a major step towards achieving this target more »

Müller to use DAO.EU

News | 07.03.2018
The specialised online trading platform DAO.EU has won yet another dairy ... more »
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