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Vacuum-thawing of frozen meat

Special Topics | 05.03.2014
Frozen meat causes a number of problems with regard to transporting, storage, quality maintenance and processing. The most promising method of thawing frozen meat is the use of saturated steam in a vacuum. more »

Mechanical poultry de-boning

Special Topics | 05.03.2014
The demand for poultry is growing worldwide and has already exceeded the demand for beef and pork. A large amount of the poultry is not only delivered as whole slaughtering body, but there is a worldwide trend towards prepared poultry. more »

Intelligent label for better food

Special Topics | 04.29.2014 | Bremerhaven
Two intelligent labels were developed to monitor the time and temperature of frozen products and to monitor the oxygen content in modified atmosphere packed fresh chilled food within the project IQ Freshlabel. more »

Humidity problems in the meat processing industry

Special Topics | 02.05.2014
In the meat processing industry, the use of cold technology is essential. The cooling of air leads to another physical phenomenon, namely an increase in the Relative Humidity (RH) in the area. more »

For a longer shelf life

Special Topics | 01.27.2014
The storage stability of sausages plays an important role for modern channels of distribution. There are two alternatives for the prevention of spoilage by germs in sausages stored whole. more »

Prospects of Food Preservation

Special Topics | 01.23.2014
Consumers demand convenient, fresh-like, healthful and nutritious foods, which should be in spite of a minimal processing microbiologically stable and safe. These expectations have been dominant at the end of the 20th century and are carried over into the new century. more »

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

Special Topics | 01.15.2014
MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) can be described as a technology where a gas atmosphere, which deviates from the composition of air, is produced around the product which is being packaged. more »
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