eFOOD-Lab International

eFOOD-Lab International

Issue 01/2021



Food industry equipment:
Interview with C. van Beek, Lekkerkerker, NL

Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment, formerly known as Machinehandel Lekkerkerker, is a family business which has specialized in dairy processing and packaging machinery since its foundation in 1996. Both 2nd hand reconditioned machines and new lines are manufactured in our 5,000m2 workshop. Our core values are flexibility, innovation and customer focus. A sustainable approach is important to our business, and we achieve this basically by making a contribution to the circular economy by extending the life cycle of dairy machinery. We also take a critical look at the materials we use, promote recycling and reduction, our energy comes from renewable resources and our gas consumption is compensated for CO2...
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Food profiling/Food fraud:
What is in my cup of coffee? The risk of food fraud – A. Wessels, Tentamus Bremen
Coffee is one of the most important trade goods. Worldwide 167 million bags of green coffee are harvested per year. 70 % of these bags are exported from their producing countries. Germany alone imported 1.1 million tons of green coffee in 2019. The biggest producing countries for green coffee are Brazil (30 %), Vietnam (17 %), Colombia (9 %), Indonesia (7%), Ethiopia (5 %) and Honduras (5 %). But is coffee simply coffee, or are there differences between varieties or the country of harvest? There are two main coffee varieties on the world market – Coffea arabica, also known as “Arabica” and Coffea canephora, also known as “Robusta”. Arabica coffee accounts for about 61 % of coffee production worldwide, while Robusta coffee accounts for roughly 39 % of the market share...
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Food analytics and services:
Mineral oil in food and food packaging – U. Oppermann, Shimadzu and E. Leitner, University Graz
Mineral oil residues in food and food packaging are currently in the focus of public interest. Whether rice, pasta, olive oil or chocolate - there are many examples of mineral oil contamination in food. During the last years, consumer protection entities such as the German ÖKO-TEST magazine and Foodwatch organization have repeatedly drawn attention to mineral oil contamination in sensitive food. Mineral oil findings in milk powder for infants were reported for the first time in May 2019, long before the results of the Food Inspection Offices investigation in Germany were published in June 2020...
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