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Issue 02/2022



Product safety through sampling
Around 14-16% of consumer spending in German households is spent on food, beverages and tobacco products. It is important for the end consumer that they can always and unreservedly rely on the quality of the products. The Food and Feed Code (LFGB) exists to ensure that nobody is endangered in terms of their physical integrity through the consumption of food...

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Amsterdam-based food-tech company launches first Dutch cheese wheel made from plant milk
The Netherlands is putting itself on the map as a vegan cheese country. Mr. & Mrs. Watson – a vegan foodtech company based in Amsterdam – is launching the first cheese wheel made from protein rich plant milk this year. A global first. Like dairy-based Gouda cheese, the plant alternative is fermented in the traditional way and is full of healthy proteins. The proteins are extracted from faba beans, so there is no cow’s milk involved. Today, Mr. & Mrs. Watson announced a second seed funding round for the launch of the plant-based sliced cheese in specialty stores and supermarkets at the end of this year. In an FOOD-Lab International interview, one of the founding partners and CEO Nick Pina gave more details... 
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Invest correctly – save on the long term Shaft seals in food production
The sealing of rotating shafts in the area of food production challenges machine manufacturers with complex requirements. Classic seals such as gland packings or shaft sealing rings quickly bump into their limits. A new system opens here technical and economic prospects – the patented seals Cinchseal® and ISH® dynamic seals...
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eFOOD-Lab International

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eFOOD-Lab International focuses on all analytical issues in the food sector, It looks specifically at innovations in food industry laboratory equipment. Scientific reports and interviews with key experts will be combined with state-of-the art- informations on Lab and processing technologies. eFood-Lab International is positioned as the application-oriented technical tool for food safety and new processing strategies across the whole food chain.

The target group consists of more than 40’000 recipients in Industry Quality Management, Technical and Processing Management, Laboratories, Senior Staff in Scientific institutions, International Trade, Export/ Import, Surveillance Authorities in 130 countries. Thereby it offers an ideal setting for your advertisements/advertorials or other technical information regarding your product solutions.

eFOOD-Lab International is the prime media partner of Anuga FoodTec thus offering a tailor-made forum for the suppliers industry world-wide.

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