IDM International Dairy Magazine

IDM International Dairy Magazine

Ausgabe 1-2/2019


Phoenix from the ashes

ALPMA/LTH Dresden takes part in equipping the expansion

of the Gerkesklooster cheese plant


FrieslandCampina has installed a brand new RO plant for whey concentration at the Gerkes¬klooster cheese factory in the Netherlands. This plant that may very well be Europe's largest RO plant of its kind was supplied by ALPMA/LTH Dresden. IDM had the chance to have a closer look to the installation.

"The fire that devastated the Gerkesklooster plant in 2014 initiated a complete re-thinking of FrieslandCampina's specialty cheese making. It was decided not only to re-build Gerkesklooster but to bring it to almost double of the initial capacity," explains Roef van Duin, Director Supply Chain in the Dairy Essentails division of FrieslandCampina. Expanding a plant by doubling its annual capacity requires that all peripheral installations, including whey processing have to grow in size. Thus, FrieslandCampina had to look out for a supplier to equip the cheese plant with sufficient capacities to manage a substantial flow of whey. ...


A natural way to keep products fresh


No additives, no preservatives, 100% natural, these are the most prevalent trends that guide current consumer choices. Consumers continuously look for foods that are more natural, less processed, and made with familiar ingredients, while the industry needs to guarantee their safety, stability, and their overall quality.

Sacco's 4Protection Special cultures help enhancing the quality of your products and protecting your brand's image, while still allowing your products to achieve their shelf life and ensuring their sensorial stability. 4Protection Special cultures help maintaining the products' freshness without negatively impacting their taste, aroma and texture… the ally for a much more genuine product at the consumer's table.

The cultures of the 4Protection Line help controlling and preserving the final product from alterations, fighting in a completely natural way undesired microorganisms and thereby maintaining a "clean label" product.

The selected 4Protection ferments do not alter organoleptic characteristics of the product, and are easily adapted to even refrigeration temperatures.

The 4Protection cultures are compatible with and complementary to all Sacco starter cultures, and they can be used for direct inoculation or surface treatment. ...



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The editorial is focussing especially on: market opportunities, company strategies, processing technology, filling and packaging, automation and IT, ingredients and logistics.


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