IDM International Dairy Magazine

IDM International Dairy Magazine

Successful model: “ultraclean (UC) hygiene design”

The up-to-date sterilisation system for maximum hygiene


Reliably high product safety and observance of the hygienic rules regulated by law are one of the most important issues of Grunwald in terms of the development of new machines. We successfully implemented this in the past few years with various new machine concepts by using the latest technology and innovative ideas. The further development of the rotary-type and inline bucket fillers has especially focused on the compliance with the maximum hygiene levels, the health of the operators as well as the reduction of the operational costs. In addition, it had to be considered that trade and consumers increasingly demand extremely long shelf lives for the products from the dairy and food industry – even for highly sensitive products. These long shelf lives can only be achieved if the products are filled at a guaranteed maximum hygiene level and if techniques are used which reliably sterilise the surfaces of food packages (cups, buckets, lids and film).

So far, the sterilisation with conventional, chemical methods such as hydrogen peroxide was very reliable and widely used. Even if the general trend has been towards a heavy reduction of cleaning and sterilisation agents for several years this still means that chemicals are used for the sterilisation of packing materials. The market requirements for natural products, the avoidance of chemical additives and the necessity to protect the environment inevitably leads to putting into question this sterilisation system.

Presicion fermentation

Dutch start-up Those Vegan Cowboys plans to make cows redundant


Precision fermentation seems to be the new hype in raw material and ingredients production. Although a market entry for alternatively made milk constitutents may be years away, the start-ups in presicion fermentation enjoy a lot of attention in the food industry. IDM spoke with Jaap Korteweg, CEO of Dutch start-up Those Vegan Cowboys.


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