GEA Westfalia Separator Group: New control generation

News vom 26.02.2014

The new control generation GEA Westfalia Separator IO reduces complexity and focuses on user-friendliness.Operating personnel are quickly able to handle the control units of the centrifuge, the familiarisation is relatively short. This increases flexibility in production. The reliability of the production processes also improves because, if the system only displays what the user needs, the error potential declines. IO offers user guidance reduced to the essentials to make sure that the user is not overloaded with useless information.

Displays have been streamlined, the symbols are self-explanatory, and the colour code is based on international standards. One glance, and the operator knows not only what is running through the centrifuge but also whether the conditions are good or bad in this particular situation. IO is able not only to control and display, it is also able to evaluate. With IO’s data interpretation the customer is able to see how efficient the centrifuge is running in relation to energy consumption, performance or separation efficiency.

Efficiency programmes

The only thing left to do for the operator is to decide what his optimum status of the centrifuge is: maximum separating efficiency or performance, minimum energy consumption or auxiliary materials? The centrifuge automatically adjusts to the desired status. IO also features remote capability with access via tablet or smartphone. Even remote diagnosis is possible. This means that the centrifuges are ready to be deployed again as quickly as possible.