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Read our specialised magazine FT MEAT TECHNOLOGY 06/2016 directly on your computer screen or tablet and smartphone.

Our online service allows you to easily flip the magazine just like a printed paper. Articles and areas of interrest can be enlarged with the magnifier or searched by keywords.

You can expect the following topics:

Production: Mixing instead of chopping
For the production of vegan and vegetarian sausage mixes conventional bowl choppers can be used. However, new types of intensive mixers provide better results....>> Read more

Automation: Help, the machine has stopped!
A Checklist by Allen Coding shows more process flexibility in food labelling....>> Read more

Focus USA: Mixed double
Even for a well-known German manufacturer, the entry into a new marketplace can be a challenging endeavor. K+G Wetter has looked out for a competent American partner to master this mission....>> Read more

Curing is not just curing
Two-part mini-series: In addition to the three traditional curing processes there are a number of versions which are supposed to make the process more reliable and quicker....>> Read more

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