Nutritional Value Calculation and Labelling

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The new regulation requires producers, manufacturers and traders to provide transparent and understandable information about ingredients and durability dates throughout all sales channels. For example, the provision of details on the nutritional value of a food becomes mandatory, just like information about energy value, fat, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sugar, protein and salt.

The industry-specific software of CSB-System AG enables automatic calculation, labeling and management of all ingredients, nutritional values, allergens and genetically modified ingredients. For this purpose, the CSB-System links the product ingredients with the raw materials. When the recipes are created in the next stage, all required ingredients are directly allocated to the items. In addition, you can integrate all national and international databases for ingredients and nutritional substances. Based on the item’s underlying bill of materials and related production variants, and in accordance with the allocated ingredients, each item is assigned nutritional values, allergens and GMO identification codes. Process losses and process additions are also included. Moreover, the ingredient calculation automatically initializes item labels and specifications for your products. Up to six units can be visualized simultaneously per product and per language.




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