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Exploring new markets and opportunities worldwide appears to be one of the dominant trends in the Spanish sector of machinery, equipment and technology for the food industry, which has a strong ally to undertake this overseas venture in Bta. Barcelona Food Technologies.


The export of equipment and technological solutions merchandise for the food industry is keeping up industry activities despite the ongoing weak domestic demands and the limited credit flow for making new investments. The road to growth for food machinery manufacturers is coming from overseas markets, primarily from the Asia-Pacific and Latin America markets, which has lead numerous companies to promote exports as the only way to maintain their activity.


With an awareness of this situation, internationalisation will be one of the strengths of Bta. 2015, and the show will bring together professionals from around the globe, paying particular attention to countries from southern Europe, the Maghreb and Latin America, as well as markets that clearly represent an opportunity for the industry, for instance Russia, India, China and Angola. This will be carried out by AMEC (the Spanish acronym for the Multi-Sector Business Association), who will organise inverse trade missions on site.


The organisation has also doubled its investment to assemble machinery buyers, distributors and importers at the show, representatives of the main international companies from the food industry that will hold business meetings with exhibitors at the event.


Therefore, Bta. 2015 will become a centre for international networking, where "negotiations and commercial exchange between countries will be promoted, favouring a powerful campaign of international promotion and a programme of guest buyers from the main host markets in the Spanish industry for the manufacturing and processing of food and drink," according to its director, Víctor Pascual.


The aim is for professionals attending the show to discover the potential of the Spanish industry in food equipment and technology, which, according to Oscar Puig, deputy managing director of AMEC, is "characterised, in comparison to its competitors, by its versatility and flexibility and its ability to provide productive solutions, commercialisation and engineering tailored to each client, and in accordance with the new challenges and demands of the market."


The industry is looking overseas


Factors such as the international increase in the demand for food products and the need to implement more efficient technology, in terms of food safety and products' shelf life, is driving food machinery and technology exports; an industry that employees some 8,000 people in Spain, with an estimated turnover of over 1.2 billion Euros, according to data from the National Statistics Institute in Spain.


According to data from Amec Alimentec, the Multi-Sector Business Association's (AMEC) division of machinery, technology, ingredients and services for the food industry, 90% of associates are deciding to export, an activity that has reached an annual value of over 300 million Euros. Europe is the number-one destination for machinery sales in the food industry, representing 40% of global exports, followed by Latin America, with 23%, and Asia, with 15%.


Expansion abroad is also yielding results for the food industry, which increased its exports by 4% in 2013, reaching 34 billion Euros and therefore offsetting the domestic reduction in family spending on food, which has dropped 13% in value from 2007 to the present day.


From the ingredient to the packaging


Bta. will be the biggest food technology exhibition held in 2015. The trade fair will exhibit a wide range of industry products and will be divided into three shows: Tecnocárnica, Tecnoalimentaria and Ingretecno. These will provide a service to the meat and meat products industry and the food industry in general, in addition to the intermediate food products industry, respectively. As a new innovation, the trade fair will offer the incorporation of new profiles for the bakery products, cakes and pastries, dairy products, preserves and commercial equipment industries.


For the third edition running, it will be jointly held with Hispack, the International Packaging Exhibition, bringing together more than 1,100 companies from thirty countries. This will enable visitors to discover a greater range of packaging and food technology as it displays the different phases of the value chain in the food product, from the ingredient to the manufacturing process, via containers and packaging and its arrival at the point of sale.


The appeal of the joint event certifies professionals' average period of participation at the show, between 3 and 4 days, and with the aim in 94% of cases of a return to this forthcoming edition

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