Second packaging line for sachets

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SternMaid sachet IDM Jan20

The contract manufacturer and co-packing specialist SternMaid recently commissioned a second packaging line for single-portion bags, so-called sachets with a filling weight of 5g each. The new line has been installed in Plant 2, which was built specially for retail products on the company’s site in Wittenburg. Sachets are well received by both the trade and consumers, not least because of their light weight, excellent barrier properties and easy handling.


The sachet line’s extremely precise metering system permits flexible filling of different types of powdered foods and food supplements such as dry beverage bases or vitamin blends. The company meets the demanding quality and safety standards with protective screening and metal detection. A calibrated checkweigher examines each individual sachet for the correct weight and automatically rejects any bags that are not within the specified filling range.


Says Mark Riemer, SternMaid's commercial manager: “Single-portion packs like sachets have a multitude of uses and are becoming more and more popular in practically all fields, for they enable manufacturers to adjust their products to consumers’ active lifestyles. Since our first sachet line was reaching the limits of its capacity, we decided to acquire a second filling unit. That helps us respond more flexibly to the different demands of the market and meet our customers’ precise requirements.”


Interest in companies offering high-quality contract services is increasing continuously, and more and more manufacturers are glad to make use of these possibilities. One of the reasons is that product life cycles are becoming shorter all the time. Products have to reach market maturity faster against a background of rapidly changing market conditions. SternMaid is able to meet these demands with a wide selection of packs and containers in different shapes and sizes. For more visit


Source: SternMaid
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