Premium Japanese matcha and concepts for high-quality trend products

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Taiyo FiE Review IDM Dec19

At this year’s FiE, Taiyo convinced with innovative concepts for current on-trend nutrition products. An eye-catching green Matcha popcorn, for example, provided a stimulating topic of conversation. Taiyo’s portfolio includes two new organic Matcha powders that are rich in vitamin K, manganese, polyphenols and amino acids — especially L-theanine. Controlled growing conditions, selective harvesting and gentle but technically sophisticated processing of the raw materials are decisive to ensure the high quality of green teas. The fresh and non-bitter tasting products were developed especially for the European market: 'U Matcha 100' is made from the top 2–3 hand-picked leaves of the first harvest, which are carefully dried and finely ground.


The quality corresponds to the highest Japanese grade for ceremonially prepared Matchas, which is exactly how the premium product should be used. With 'EU Matcha 70,' the invigorating and harmonising effect can be used to enrich a wide variety of foods: suitable applications include confectionery products such as chocolate, ice cream or dental chewing gum, as well as modern snacks such as Matcha popcorn.


Said Dr Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director at Taiyo: "We also generated significant interest with our natural weight management concepts. In this segment, we were able to answer many questions about our Sunfiber dietary fibre.”


One highlight was the concept for the functional soft drink, Sunfiber Cola, which was developed together with the soft drink experts from SINALCO INTERNATIONAL and the sweetening specialists from SWEETHOUSE. A study has shown that consumption increases the feeling of satiety and, consequently, fewer calories are consumed.


In addition to the Sunfiber Cola cans, beverage powder sticks with Sunfiber were also available as product samples for tasting, which can easily be added to on-the-go beverages. If visitors wanted something warm to taste instead of a cola, they could try Taiyo’s instant soups. Taiyo has expanded its functional soup offering with various variants containing different peptides and hyaluronic precursors. The health-promoting soups are enriched with Taiyo’s Vegemeat — a vegan meat alternative — and the latest green tea product, Sunphenon TH30. Obtained from green tea leaves, Sunphenon TH30 is the only legal L-theanine variant on the European market. It can also be used in sweets and dairy products and delivers a relaxing and stress-reducing effect as well as a spicy unami taste. For more visit


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