Hamlet Protein invests in renewable energy

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Hamlet Protein IDM Dec19

Waste heat from Hamlet’s production facility is transferred into the heating of 3,300 local households. This unique public-private cooperation clearly confirms Hamlet’s commitment to sustainable production processes, resulting into a direct gain for both climate and community.


Together with the District Heating Company in Horsens, Hamlet Protein worked for more than 2 years on a combined investment of 8 mill. Euros to realise this unique project. State of the art engineering technology was applied to optimise the reutilisation of excess heat from Hamlet’s production process.


Said Stig Victor Petersen, Operations director at Hamlet Protein: ”We are continuously working to reduce our CO2 footprint as we constantly optimise our production efficiency and supply chain. This project that allows the heating 3,300 households directly reduces the need for biofuel or natural gas resulting in a more sustainable heating source.”


The new facility, located next to Hamlet’s production facility, is approximately 600 square metres and was officially opened on December 18th, 2019. Staff of District Heating Company and Hamlet attended the festivities alongside representatives of the local community. The Mayor of Horsens, Peter Sørensen, did the ribbon cutting.


In the first year, the project expects to deliver 70.000 MWh and calculations show savings of 6.0 mio Euros in a socio-economic context over the next 20 years, and 13.2 mio. Euros savings for the District Heating Company in Horsens in the same period.


Added Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser: “This is a great accomplishment for all stakeholders that directly benefits the community of Horsens. I am very proud of the joint effort of local authorities to make this public-private cooperation a success. This is a proud moment for us, and it further confirms that Hamlet’s commitment to sustainable production is much more than a line in the annual report.” For more visit hamletprotein.com


Source: Hamlet Protein
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