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Hamlet Protein IDM Nov19

Hamlet Protein has made significant investments in production capacity in its Findlay (Ohio) facilities in recent years and is now ready to increase its market share in US and Canada. To help drive that growth, Hamlet Protein announced the hiring of experienced Grady Fain as Vice President Sales & Marketing for the NCA region.


Grady Fain (BSc Biological & Agricultural Engineering) has a long track record in the animal feed industry. He started his career in the Wayne Feed Division of Continental Grain Company, then joined Feed Flavors Inc., which eventually became Nutriad Inc., and most recently transitioned to Adisseo.


Said Fain: “Over the course of my career I have always focused on working with companies that bring true value to customers. Hamlet Protein has a high quality product portfolio with a proven track record in markets across the world. I am particularly excited about the value proposition into young animals and the approach into AGP free diets.”


The US continues to be the second largest feed producer in the world, behind China. Hamlet Protein opened its local production in 2012, in Findlay – Ohio, and recently completed a major investment to increase capacity under patented technology.


Commented Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser: “The US animal feed market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.4% from US$ 75 Billion in 2018 to US$ 85 Billion in 2024. Not only will the total feed volume grow, but the need to produce more efficiently will take centre stage. Also consumers will drive the reduction of antibiotics in feed, which is where Hamlet Protein can play a role. We are optimistic about our potential in the North American market, considering our track record in other markets around the world.” For more visit hamletprotein.com


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