NIZO Dairy Conference

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The NIZO Dairy Conference took place for the 11th time and combined the most recent scientific developments in the field of milk protein functionality. A record of 200 visitors came to this conference.

The NIZO Dairy Conference is an initiative of NIZO and Elsevier, which occurs every 2 years. From 9 - 11 October 2019, visitors had the opportunity to meet experts from the fields of dairy science and technology, processing, chemistry, physics, sensory, health and nutritional sciences from all over the globe.

Various important general topics on dairy were discussed during this conference. The first topic was about the molecular aspects of milk proteins, where new techniques as advanced MS were presented. Secondly, cheese making techniques were discussed using various (new) approaches, like microfiltration and the use of micellar casein. In addition, the role of bacteria in the texture of cheese was discussed. Furthermore, the processing of milk proteins and, especially, the role of heat on protein interactions, was subject of a complete session. Human milk proteins were discussed as well, with extremely valuable insights. Finally, milk protein and their role in muscle health as well as the digestion of milk proteins and the structures formed during digestion was highlighted.

During the interactive sessions with keynote speakers from institutes and the industry, diverse and interesting topics were presented. During the breaks, a total of 77 posters were showed.

Source: NIZO
Author: Sossna
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