Understanding storage and process tanks for the dairy industry

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Dairy products are among the most sensitive of foodstuffs, which is why strict hygiene regulations govern their storage, processing and transportation. These also demand a high level of quality when it comes to storage and process tanks. The new white paper from ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA offers a comprehensive overview of exactly this aspect, covering the A to Z of equipment and modern tank manufacturing.


Legislation and standards such as ISO 14159 demand consistently hygienic execution of all tanks and vessels and, among other things, describe design criteria for hygienic equipment and components. As an experienced manufacturer of storage and process tanks, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA is familiar with the high quality requirements prevailing in the milk processing industry and provides customers with support in meeting these strict directives. For example, modern production processes ensure that the surfaces of all storage and process tanks in contact with the product are particularly smooth. In conjunction with consistently hygienic design that meets plant construction specifications pursuant to EHEDG, this guarantees maximum biological safety and a low cleaning effort.


No two tank construction projects are the same. With its extensive know-how, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA satisfies every demand and supplies the exact tank to meet the specifications of each customer. These specifications are precisely recorded, calculated and defined for each and every project. They include stability and both heating and cooling equipment requirements as much as the aeration cross sections necessary for cleaning in place (CIP). ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has a deep knowledge of the complete process chain in the milk processing industry and the tasks in each process for which the customer needs to use its storage, production and aseptic tanks for raw milk and vessels and tanks for general applications. This is why ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA optimizes these with great precision, fitting them with further functional components such as agitators or CIP systems where the need arises.


ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has summarised its comprehensive know-how regarding the design, equipment and use of storage and process tanks in a compact and practical form in the 14-page white paper 'Tanks for the dairy and food industry'. It is available with immediate effect for downloading on the ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA website: tanksfordairy.com


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